Showbox for iPhone

Showbox for iPhone

The Android app has proven to be highly popular with moviegoers. Anybody can live stream a movie of TV show of their choice via Showbox and watch it whenever they want. Movie lovers who have been looking for apps to easily download and watch movies, can now install Showbox on their devices and enjoy the experience in HD. However, for Apple users, the procedure of installing Showbox is somewhat different. Showbox for iPhone is still under development, which means that there is no direct installation of Showbox App for iPhone as yet. Despite all this, iPhone and iPad users can still enjoy the movie streaming experience that the app has to offer. There is an alternative app called Moviebox which is like another version of the Showbox app for Apple users. While the developers work on Showbox App iPhone, users can download and install Moviebox to stream movies and shows. Since the original APK file for installing Showbox is only supported by Android, Apple users will not be able to access the app by downloading Showbox APK iPhone.


For iPad and iPhone users, Moviebox is the best option. It is easy to download and install, runs smoothly and provides users with a hassle-frede movie streaming experience. You will find all your favorite movies and shows by searching through the extensive database. Moviebox also has the latest and most current movies updated regularly, which means that if you want to watch a recently released movie, you can easily do so by downloading this app.

In order to install Moviebox, users will have to download the ‘unjailbroken’ version of vShare. Once that is downloaded, you can easily search for Moviebox and install the app through that. Apart from that, there is also a direct link to the Moviebox app, that users can find by searching on their browsers. Remember to allow access to vShare and the app by pressing on the Trusted app option.


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showbox for iphone

Showbox App iPhone

Apple users can try out certain alternatives to the Showbox app for iPhone. As people everywhere already know, the movie streaming app is one of a kind, and there is hardly anything in the market which offers the kind of service that Showbox does. If you are an iPhone and iPad user, you do not need to be disappointed. Moviebox is an app which is exactly like Showbox and offers the same experience to its users. Think of it as Showbox, but for iOS.

Download the Showbox App for iPhone


Apple users may be unable to download the Showbox app for iPhone in a straightforward way via the link, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on it. With Moviebox, they can stream their favorite movies or shows without any charges or disruptions. The procedure to download and install Moviebox on iPhone is the same as it is on iPads. All you have to do is:

1. Bypass jailbreak and download vShare.

2. Once that is opened, you can search for Moviebox and download the file.

3. When the file is downloaded, you can install the app.

Users can also download the app through a direct link by adjusting jailbreak settings within their devices accordingly. One can search for the link to Moviebox on the mobile web browser and install the app from there. When the message box asking for permission appears, you will have to click on ‘Trust’.

Showbox for iPhone may take some time before it is ready to hit the markets. Till then, users can enjoy Moviebox as an alternative to the Showbox app for iPhone. Through this, Apple users do not have to worry about jailbreaks and being able to access the Showbox app iPhone. The iOS may not support the Showbox app for Apple users, but it does enable Moviebox. Users have to remember that since there is no Showbox APK iPhone, the file format that have to be accessed through Apple is different.