Showbox for iPad

Showbox iPad

The Showbox app provides its users with live streaming of movies and TV shows of their choice, absolutely free of cost. No wonder it has so many fans all over! People nowadays want easy accessibility to their favorite movies and shows from anywhere, which is why they love watching them on their mobile devices. Everywhere you go, you see people watching a video or live streaming music on their phones or tablets through Wi-Fi or network connectivity. While the Showbox app for iPad has not been developed as of now, there are other possibilities in the market. Movie lovers can stream movies or shows through MovieBox which is just another version of Showbox iPad. The Showbox APK download can only be installed by Android users and not iOS since it doesn’t support the format. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple users can’t enjoy the same experience of watching movies as Android users. Showbox iPad may not be available as yet, but there is Moviebox which works just as well and allows users to stream movies and shows of their choice for free.


Earlier on, it was very difficult to watch or stream movies and TV shows directly. Then came the Showbox App and it was exactly what everybody wanted. It provided a convenient and easy way to stream movies and TV shows on mobiles, tablets or PCs without going through the hassle of signing up on different websites. On Showbox, users are not required to pay any money, sign in or create any kind of an account on Showbox.

showbox for ipad download

Android users have downloaded the app widely. Showbox for iPhone is still being developed, however, those who want to enjoy the experience beforehand can download it through various access points. The Showbox APK download for Android is a file that is not supported by iOS, so even if you download it, the app won’t work. However, there is a version of Showbox that can de downloaded to iPhones, iPads and other iOS supported systems as well. It is called Moviebox and users need to install it via vShare or through a direct link. Jailbreak can cause a few problems on iOS devices and in order to access MovieBox, Apple users have to allow the app to forgo jailbreak by clicking on ‘Trust’ when the message box appears on the screen. You can also download the MovieBox without Jailbreak.


Showbox iPad

Showbox on iPad is not available as yet, which is why users are recommended to go for MovieBox. The movies streaming experience is almost similar. There is no need for sign ups, nor are there any ads or disruptions in between the video. You can stream your favorite movie or show smoothly and without any charge.

Download Moviebox

Here’s how you can install MovieBox on your devices:

  1. Install the unjailbroken version of vShare and then open it.

2. Allow it access by clicking on the ‘Trust’ option when the message box appears.

3. Search for Moviebox and download the file. Once it is downloaded, click on it and install.


Other than that, you can also install the app directly by searching for it through your mobile web browser. When you type in Moviebox and search, you will be taken to a link for downloading the app for iOS 7 and above. All you have to do is install it from there. Showbox app for iPad is still in the development stages, till then you enjoy the experience on Moviebox. Hopefully, Showbox iPad will be launched soon and made available for all the Apple users. As of now, users can benefit from the alternatives to Showbox on iPad.