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Showbox APK

All those movie buffs out there looking for easy and convenient ways to stream movies live on their mobile devices, your search is over. Showbox App is the application that you always wanted. It can enable live streaming of any movie or TV show of your choice on any device. All you have to is install the Showbox APK download and stream a movie or TV serial of your choice. While the app is not available on Play Store as yet, you can download the Showbox install Android file in APK format. The Showbox Apk download for Android allows users to easily install the app on their mobiles, tablets or computers.


If you are an Android user, this app is the best way to watch your favorite movie or TV show. It is actually regarded as the ideal one for streaming movies live in HD quality and that also completely free.

showbox apk

Showbox APK Download for Android


The Showbox Apk download for android devices offers a lot of features and options that many users will thoroughly enjoy. First of all, there is no restriction on the amount of movies or TV shows that you can watch. The app has a very friendly user interface and anybody can navigate through easily. There is an extensive search database and sorting options that can allow you to go through all the movies and shows which are available.

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You will be able to find your desired content without any hassle. The best feature of the Showbox for android is the free access to HD quality movies and TV serials. You do not have to pay for anything, nor do you have to sign up anywhere. All that is needed is the installation of the App.

The app will display all the favorite, latest and most watched choices for the users to surf through. You can also download any movie or show that you like without worrying about pop-ups and ads. The app enables users to watch the downloaded movies or shows offline as well by storing them separately.

While the Showbox APK download for Android is primarily used on Android supported devices, that does not mean that it is not compatible with other operating systems. Users can just as easily stream movies via Showbox on PC, Mac, Kindle and various other platforms.


Key Features of Showbox APK File

  1. The best feature of Showbox APK is – It’s completely free.
  2. Weekly / Daily addition of new movies and TV shows.
  3. Showbox movies come with subtitles.
  4. Filter movies by Rating, Genre, and Type.
  5. Showbox APK keeps getting new updates every month so that there are no bugs are unattended.
  6. You can create your favourite list in the library, and watch them later as and when you want.
  7. Showbox movies can be streamed on Chromecast.
  8. Showbox can be played on your favourite video player including MX Player.

How to Install Showbox APK on Android?

In order to enjoy the movie experience that Showbox provides, users need to install the app on their devices. It is actually very easy to install the Showbox Apk download.

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Here is you can go about it:

1. Just go to the Settings option on your device and turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ in Security. Now this option may vary depending on the device that you are using, but basically, you need to go the option that allows you to download non-market apps.

how to install showbox apk
How to install Showbox APK

2. Then you have to open your browser and click on the link that is given here to download the Showbox.APK file.

3. Once the Showbox APK downloaded, you can open it and install the app.

If you need more help into the installation process, you may want to have a look at the video guide below.

The Showbox APK download for Android allows you to easily avail the app on your phone. So even if it is not available on the Play Store, you can still enjoy the HD movie experience anywhere you go. The Showbox APK download provides users access to a movie database with over 10,000 movies and shows. Once you have the Showbox install Android on your device, you can access the most current movies and TV shows whenever you want. Latest Showbox APK version is 4.91 released on April 16, 2017.

Showbox APK FAQs

Q1. Is Showbox APK Download free of cost?
A. Yes. Showbox APK for Android is completely free to download.

Q2. Is Showbox allow movies / TV shows to download on mobile?
A. Yes. You can watch movies and TV shows online as well as you can download them on your smartphone.

Q3. How to Update Showbox APK?
A. If you are an existing Showbox user, the app will notify about the latest APK update and you can hit the update button. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Showbox APK from our site and then install it manually.

Q4. How much time takes to download Showbox APK file?
A. Well, it depends on your internet speed. If you are using 3G / 4G network, Showbox will take less than 30 seconds to download.

Q5. Why I can’t download Showbox APK?
A. Please note that if you are downloading the Showbox APK file from our site, it should successfully download on your phone without any issues. If you are facing issues, we will suggest you to check your internet connectivity and try again. If the problem still persists, contact us via our contact page and we will help you to download Show box.

Q6. Showbox APK gives error “Install Failed Invalid APK”?
A. Showbox error “Install Failed Invalid APK” is a common problem when try to install on Android emulator like BlueStacks. We have discussed this problem with several Showbox users and the best solution to fix “Install Failed Invalid APK” error on Showbox APK is – reinstall BlueStacks. Reinstalling BlueStacks has fixed the error for maximum users.

Q7. Showbox Ad Popups are so annoying, how do I stop Ad popups?
A. Since the Showbox APK offers free entertainment stuff, the app development team makes revenue with Advertisements. If you are getting annoying popup Ads, you can check out this guide for removal of Ads on Showbox APK.

Q8. Can I download Showbox mod APK with No Ads?
A. Yes, you can download the Showbox mod APK file which comes without Ads, however, it may be noted that the mod APK is not official and might contain a virus or other harmful content.

Q9. Can I download Showbox mod APK on
A. No, we offer only genuine and official Showbox app which is completely safe to use. If you need Showbox mod APK, you can check out several third party websites.

Q10. Is Showbox safe to use?
A. Yes. Showbox is completely safe to use. Here on, we add only genuine APK file which you can download and use without worries.

Q11. Do you provide support for Showbox APK?
A. No, we do not offer any support for Showbox, however, you can comment about your issues and we will try out best to help you out.

Q12. Why Showbox is not working?
A. If Showbox is not working for you, the first thing you should try is to download the latest Showbox APK file and install it manually on your device. Alternatively, you can go to Settings>> Application manager and select Showbox App. Now hit “Clear Cache” option available in the application manager.

Q13. Why Showbox is slow?
A. Showbox is a popular app for watching free movies and TV shows. Millions of users watch free shows every day and that leads to heavy load on Showbox servers and the app becomes slow. However, the error is temporary as the Show box team is always on work and they fix any such errors in no times.

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    • my showbox was also not installing. I downloading apk from different sites but none worked. Then I factory reset my phone and it worked. happy 🙂

    • Hello Roxx, I hope we can help you with that but in order to do that, could you please tell your problem clearly. Like from where you download the Showbox APK, which version is this, what error you are getting.

  1. I have been using showbox for a long time now and every time I reset my tablet or get a new one I always reinstall because of the great quality of movies and TV shows that are on showbox

  2. I am stupid.. I didn’t download the app even though I knew about it since a long time. I just thought it is kind of spammy app. anyways, now i have it and just loving it 🙂