Showbox 4.64 APK Download: Latest Update on May 1st, 2016


If you are already using the Showbox app for Android, it is not necessary to repeat the same introduction every time, however, if you are new to the app, you can always read about the Showbox App here.

The free movies and TV shows app Showbox just received a new update version number 4.64 for the Android smartphones. There is no changelog is available as of now, however, I have updated the latest version and now exploring the changes. As and when I will notice any visible and important changes, I will update the changelog at the bottom of this post.

showbox movies app download

How to Update Showbox APK 4.64

If you have already installed a previous Showbox APK on your device, you will see the automatic update notification upon the start. Just follow the below steps –

  1. Close the Showbox App completely.
  2. Reopen the Showbox App.
  3. Upon start, an update popup will come up.
  4. Click “update from our servers”
  5. Allow “unknown sources” upon request
  6. Showbox app updated with version 4.64

How to Download Showbox APK 4.64

For those who are new to the Showbox app, you can download the Showbox APK from website. I just checked the apkmirror site, however, they have not uploaded the latest version as of now. I will suggest you to visit their in a couple of hours and you should find the Showbox APK 4.64. Alternatively, you can download the Showbox 4.61 APK and then  update it with 4.64 version by following the above-given steps.



  1. Right now I love Showbox but now it’s saying unavailable server I’m watching Under the Dome and it’s skipping episode is Skip episode 2 on season 3 and I can’t not work none of season 3 at all please fix it

  2. I can now only watch movies in parts. Which sucks because I try to stream it to my chromecast and i can only get part one through allcast. Idk why yall did this but give the full movie servers back. This movie in parts isnt improving yalls app. That made me want to uninstall showbox overall. Streaming to my chromecast is all i do. Seriously get the old servers back.