New Spy Photo of iPhone 7 Plus with Dual Camera Setup

Earlier rumors about the iPhone 7 were suggesting that Apple would be including a dual camera setup in the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro. However, some reports last week claimed that the dual camera was not being included due to technical difficulties. Those claims are now being rubbished by newer reports that suggest that iPhone 7 Plus will indeed get the new feature. Today, we have got a new image to confirm those new reports.

iphone 7 plus dual camera

We have obtained a new image from China that shows the dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. As you can see in the above image on right, the dual camera setup is covered by a protective film or something. The device is identical to the one leaked earlier in the left-side image. This confirms that the iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone 7 Pro) dual camera feature is staying.

It is being said that this (new image) is of the device that is the final production model. So we can almost confirm that dual cameras and Smart Connector can be expected, and we may also see wireless charging. Some rumors say that the battery capacity might get increased to 3500mAh and a new deep blue or possibly black color variant might also been introduced to the iPhone lineup.